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Depression worsening

Dear Dr. Nelson, dear BodyCode Practicioners,

my name is Nikolai, I am 29 and from Germany. For around 15 years I suffer from depression, anxiety and social fear. The last 6 years I was treated with medication, but when I reduced and eventually stopped taking the medication around a year ago, the symptoms came back.

In October I found the EmotionsCode and Bodycode. Since then I had 4 sessions of therapy with two Certified Practictioners in Germany (Stephanie Rakow and Heike Loeschhorn, who are both very loving, kind and professional). I was very excited at first, since the book and about all the success stories. After my first session I had a very hard time processing for around 3 days, I hardly remember having felt so negative ever before. I was hard, but after the 3 days were over I felt some relief. I continued with 3 more sessions, with about one session a weak. Heike and Stephanie removed quite a lot of negativity (spirits, curses, emotions, inherited things, 12 of my 23 heart wall emotions and so on). 

Since my last session a weak has past and unfortunatelyI feel worse than ever. 3 days ago I applied the EmotionsCode on my self for the first time and removed 4 heart wall emotions and 13 trapped emotions, though I am not sure I did it right. The last 3 days including now I felt incredibly bad, negative and hopeless. It is hardly bearable and I will seek professional medical help because of that. 

Could you please evaluate my "side effects" according to your experience? How common is it, that depression can strongly worsen after using the EmotionsCode and BodyCode? How long does a successfull EmotionsCode Therapy for depression usually take? I cad hundreds if not thousands of traumatic experiences and imagine it might take over a year or two with regular sessions. How should I deal with my situation and how should I proceed with the EmotionsCode?

Thanks a lot in advance for help & thank you for your work!

Best wishes from Germany,


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I have tried NMT (neuromodulation technique), NEAT (nambudripad allergy elimination technique), and EC (emotional code), and all three sometimes gets worse before they get better. The spike usually dissipates around 48 hours later. I think of it like an onion.. sometimes when you take off the top layer, it stinks (and makes you cry).

I'm not an official practitioner, but practice on myself. For me, the more I practice, and more confident I've become. Don't give up. 

Good luck.

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Thank you, Jeffrey, it indeed does get better with time :-)

Here is some advice we like to offer those who are using The Emotion Code and The Body Code...


It's best to focus on the future. Check yourself daily to see if you can release anything that is standing in the way of your happiness, abundance, health, etc.. and release it. Don't be anxious, don't overdo things, and don't be in a hurry. Just stick with it, and allow the changes to happen as they will. You can't force a flower to grow, neither can you force healing. It's a process! Having anxiety about the process will merely delay things so hang in there! Remember that taking a moment of silence and connecting to your higher power or positive source of energy is a really important part of this whole equation. A lot of this work is simply clearing away the old garbage that people are been hauling around so that they can actually function better, feel better, and get well. We do see miracles happen in doing this work and I think if you stay with it, you will likely see this in your own personal experience! Know that every trapped emotion you release is going to help.

Thanks a lot, Dave! 

I continue to work with the Emotion Code consistently every other day. From a more experienced practitioner I've been given the advice to release only a couple of trapped emotions at once, and to give myself at least 2 days in between sessions to reajust. Moreover - and this was her most important advice I feel - she had the best experience when working with life topics and releasing them one by one. This way the chance of suffering from "processing symptoms" are significantly smaller. It works with 3 questions:  

1) Do I have trapped emotions that lead.....(me to be afraid of dogs) / cause.....(my fear of dogs)? 

 --> release them.      ---> ask the same for hidden emotions, release them.

2) Do I have trapped emotions, that contribute.....(to my fear of dogs)? ...hidden ones?  (release all)

3) Are there trapped emotions, which - when released - .... would make be feel at ease and comfortable in the presence of dogs?   ...hidden ones?   (relese all) 

after working with all three questions a topic is solved :-)  

This helped a huge deal in giving my work with myself a frame! 

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After reading about your situation, I wanted to offer some things to consider:

I am currently working on TEC certification.  I have a background in nursing, herbal healing, homeopathy and other areas and been in practice.

I recall when I was in training with a homeopathic doctor that he was trying to work on a person with depression and anxiety.  He told me that it was difficult and sometimes not possible for him as a homeopathic doctor to be able to help clients when they were on psychic medication because the effects would often override his attempt in using homeopathic remedies.  I know we are not talking homeopathic but TEC and TBC instead.  Still learning these modalities I wonder if a similar situation is possible.  Please don't go off your meds without your doctor's advice, but I just thought I would throw this out as a consideration.  Maybe some of the more seasoned TEC and TBC practitioners could take this information and find a route of more appropriate or direct questioning that might be more effective in finding solutions and helping you.  It appears that it is so important to ask questions specific ways to get results, along with the intention of course.  Having a previous practice, I found a lot of people with depression and anxiety was related to all or some or all of the following:  parasites, heavy metal and toxicity and that the appropriate herbs, essential oils, nutrition and supervised cleansing and detoxification helped them a lot and allowed them to get off drugs with there medical doctor's advice.  Hope this information might help you and pray for your success in recovering.

How are you going now, have you been able to resolve your problems?

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