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Body Code does not run after update

I got an e-mail today, that there was an update for iPhone and iPad. After downloading and installing Body Code on my iPhone, it cannot be opened.

The the Error Msg: Untrusted Enterprise Developer .....


Apple has recently changed their policy on apps downloaded outside of the app store. Apple made an announcement on the news that this will affect some applications. In new iOS 9, Apple will no longer provide a way to trust Enterprise Developer Profiles when they are first downloaded. The Body Code 2.0 is not sold in the App Store and so it requires an Enterprise Developer Profile. Due to this update users will have to manually change the settings after downloading the application.

To do so, open your Settings then go to General -> Profiles or Device Management -> select Wellness Unmasked and press "Trust this application"

You can, also, use the Mindmaps app directly from while online.

1. login to

2. click on the BODY CODE tab

3. under that click on the MINDMAPS tab

4. use the Mindmaps app online

Best wishes, 

Hello- My I-phone 4s did the same thing. The BC app has not worked for about 2 months or more prior to today, then last night I see that it is back, instead of in "waiting" mode. I thought that it was that my phone was so old that it did not support the app any longer--I didn't think to ask about it, I just wanted a new phone anyway and was willing to put up with it. I checked the procedure above, under Profiles it says Provisioning, and is checked as Verified, Received May 6, 2016, Expires May 6, 2017. So--can you tell me what will happen when this expires? I do intend to get a new model phone so will this Expiring be an issue? thanks.

My iPad just updated and I have lost access to my BodyCode!  I tried the above advice but it did not work, HELP!

my upgraded iPad is iOS 11

I contacted the help desk before I updated and got the answer: 

It's a beautiful new updated version of Body Code. Try it, I was pleased.


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