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Chart of Body Regions related to Emotions

Where can I find the best resource of body regions/organs (beyond the Emotion Code organ meridian chart), as they relate to specific emotions or feelings i.e. right knee related to adrenal, of right psoas related to right kidney etc. I have heard Dr. Nelson refer to this before, but never have I found a comprehensive system that is somewhat uniform, even if there are differing systems of determining these relationships i.e. Chakra versus Applied Kinesiology etc. versus Chapman/Bennett reflexes etc.

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Cannot access the programand I'm sorry to miss it.

Trapped Emotions will often settle into a place in the body that is most vulnerable or weak. 

Lack of worth or 'unworthy' sits in the hips because it is a very low vibration or low frequency emotion.  The reason why someone's 'world' would have a lot of people in it with the same 'vibe' or frequency is because one RESONATES with others at the same levels of awareness/ ie with the 'same vibe'.  One cannot separate the body from the mind, nor the emotions from the bodily functions, therefore it is important to understand that working directly with the emotions will not always correct imbalances permanently, but is an excellent quick fix if the person then does not go back to their old energetic, knee jerk, habitual patterns.  Since the body rapidly repairs itself at a quantum level, it is truly only the 'memory' within that contains the issues.  That is why it is important to remove not only the emotions that are evoked from these body memories but 'reset' the energetic system.  That is why the Chinese certainly do have it right with such modalities as Touch For Health which integrates the balancing FIRST through the physical /energy systems.  Then ESR,  emotional stress release is performed.  Doing it the other way around just doesn't hold for the long term, I have observed in my nearly 30 years of practice.  By putting the horse in front of the cart, by addressing the gross physical level of energy and how it manifests in the physical form, testing then for triggers and finding the trapped emotions associated with those triggers, surely works to UPROOT the problem in a most thorough and permanent manner.  Remember too, that it is consciousness that then shifts at this point of holistic healing, where the whole of one's being comes back into balance.....feeling awareness recognizing that the one senses the blockages now gone, the body responds in an entirely different manner to situations and cannot react or block that particular emotional charge because it now feels good to simply flow through such emotions (consciousness KNOWS that it doesn't require subconscious to 'file' this stuff away).  One finds themselves now interested yet not affected by that old familiar emotional experience in a negative way and therefore responds in a new more positive manner......This 'reprogramming', so to speak, takes a bit of time, as at first the response is like being in neutral, as if just an observer in a new place.  But over time, within 3 weeks in general (as the neurons do take up to 21 days to thoroughly affect the entire physical system with the change to the subconscious mind) one begins to perceive things in a new light.  The new energetic state creates new perceptions. The new perceptions create new beliefs.  The new beliefs create new behaviors.  The new behaviors create new experiences.  The new experiences create a new reality.  And full circle, the new reality CONTINUES to create new perceptions!  Therein lays the potential of the healing process!!!!

I use both the ancient Chinese charts based upon acupuncture and they are indeed, quite extensive and RELIABLE.  These often give, instead, notice as per a TRIGGER.  I find that the body holds both triggers and trapped emotions.  For example:  muscle testing using my professional Kinesiology Practitioner chart (available from Touch For Health) in reference to the Lr. Intestine meridian, the triggers include:  guilt, grief, release, self worth or enthusiasm.  That trigger point is located on the outer upper boney structure of the shoulder blade.  By holding this trigger point while muscle testing and reading these emotions listed, I will then get a 'weak muscle' if one of these 'triggers', ie the body to become weak.  That's the body stating it is triggered to become weak in the Lr Intestine system (physically, physiologically, emotionally and mentally).  Then I often refer to extensive charts I have from the Feeling Finder, The Emotion Flow Chart (Dr. Bradley Nelse) and/or Synergistic Kinesiology charts for reference to any other emotions 'nesting' or connected to that trigger.  Generally there is a whole 'nest' of associated emotions because emotional experience is COMPLEX, interwoven with both what are perceived as 'negative and positive' aspects.  Yet when a body is weakened due to its interpretation or inability to 'process' at these emotional levels, then the energy gets trapped, locked or blocked there.  I find that a trigger then acts as an anchor and often to several other location points that the body proves to be trapping these associated blocked emotional charges (which I would then refer to generally as physical symptoms).  The client generally is sore or tender in those points of location.  Testing neurolymphatic points, holding them while repeating the emotion, the muscle then should test 'strong' again, proving that the 'circuit' is running while holding that point.  Of course, that is not the 'fix' as that is only the proof that the circuit is 'off' and when holding it, you are running it.  This again is a second proof that you are on the right track.  I have several ways to check and double check using the associated muscle (insertion/origin technique), neuro lymphatic points, neuro vascular points, meridian ends and associated acupressure points.  I do a very thorough BALANCING with my clients because if one emotion is causing one meridian to be off balance, you can imagine that the rest (the other 13) are also affected.  To balance the whole system, one must deal with not one of the issues but directly with them all.  This isn't as difficult as it seems.  It is a very intelligent process. But I've been doing Specialized Kinesiology now for nearly 30 years and I did have to learn all of these aspects one by one.  But, lastly, I must say, from the very beginning of my studies and training, I always knew emotions/memories were the underlying root issues and sought to find ways to get at these roots and dig them up.  I have had a lot of success with these techniques and find that people will try everything and until they do this deeper work at the emotional release level, the problem just doesn't get solved.  But when doing the emotional release, well, that's that! 

With more experience, I came to the same conclusion as Dr. Nelson: trapped emotions can lodge anywhere in the body and although some might have an affinity with some areas or parts of the body, there is no absolute or conclusive rule. Chinese medicine has different emotions associated with organs, but this is very general and, more importantly, doesn't take into account the notion of trapped emotions, which is *the* major cause of illnesses and diseases. A simplified example about the localisation of trapped emotions: trapped emotions of Unworthy. (I have to mention that this is just from my limited experience and I am not a certified practitioner although I wish to become one when it will be possible). I have found a lot of cases in animals as well as human beings of this trapped emotion. It seems to be very prevalent, at least in my world. Layers of this trapped emotion are often found located in the hip joint, often the right hip joint comes up first, and are often associated with pain in the hip. Which is notable in its frequency, but it's not its exclusive location. Some trapped emotions of Unworthy might be localized in the emotional center, some in the instinctive center. Some in the corresponding chakras, i.e. the solar plexus and the sacral chakra. Some might be associated with the stomach or the different parts of the intestines, the kidneys, the uterus, etc., depending on the being. In conclusion, there are different healing systems that associate organs or parts of the body associated with different emotions, like Chinese medicine saying that some organs generate some basic specific emotions, and that an imbalance in these emotions will cause health problems, but this cannot be correlated with trapped emotions, which can be found anywhere in the body, irrespective of any theoretical association with any organ or body parts. As we must already know from our own experience with the Emotion Code or the Body Code, getting to the trapped emotions, whatever they are and wherever they are located, is a major key to fixing the underlying imbalances and relieving the person or animal from its problems, although there might be other underlying causes for the symptom. This practical approach seems to me vastly superior to any theories, even if theories can provide an amount of understanding on different topics.

I have had the same question as Andy Nelson.  Is there any new book or materials that would be helpful? Thank you! 


 te estaria tremendamente agradecido si pudieras mandarmes las tablas de referencias a la que te refiere, el PDF que compartiste es extremamente interesante, gracias

The Healing Questions Guide: Relevant Questions to ask the Mind to activate Healing in the Body by Wendi Jensen Is an off shoot of Karol Truman's books and is choke full of questions and affirmations. I have used this along with Emotions and Essential Oils book. Plus  a lot of intuition to receive answers. It has helped me personally to heal. I have been An Emotional Aromatherapy kit from the Essential Oils I use and they are great. I am not often without my whole set of 5 mL or Rollerballs diluted (6 Blends in all). I have them at ready, Mainly peace, forgive, and console. Ope this helps 

This is an excellent resource to German New Medicine - an A ot Z of Symptoms and their Causes.

Lujan, podrias mandarme esas tablas de referencias de las que habas? hojie rapidamente el libro que enlazas y me parecio muy  interesante. Gracias

I recently found out about this very interesting book. Just reading through the ''look inside'' pages on Amazon and it dawned on me that he might well be a good bit of the scientific explanation and physiological processes on why and how the BC works. The mindbody syndrome, tension myoneural syndrome, tension myositis syndrome are very interesting concepts that are linked to the underlying reasons why the EC and BC work. I am not so sure as to what he implies about anger, but I have not read the whole book, just some excerpts. Amazon also has other books by Dr. Sarno, the originator of these ideas. There is a list f symptoms or so-called illnesses. Under hypertension, he cites Dr. Samuel Mann from his book where he discusses this mindbody syndrome as an underlying cause of hypertension.

Somewhat related, I just remembered I have seen and used a book that has maps of the body and Bach flower remedies assigned to each mapped segment...though I just take what it says internally. It happens to be by a German... :)

"New Bach Flower Body Maps: Treatment by Topical Application" There are a few color coded charts on google images. The book is very thorough on every angle of the body.

Even talk of being thorough...Bach remedies are the tip of the iceberg as far as flower essences are concerned. "The New Encyclopedia of Flower Remedies" has numerous other collections (one is just roses). I don't use flowers so much...mostly sticking to EC.

I agree Annie, I even asked in a follow up after a BC webinar if there was any plan to add to BC...maybe a 3.0/in-depth/pro version....I have come across things I thought should be added. (The answer was no.)

I don't live in Chicago. I encourage you to envision the good feeling you will have when you meet those friends whom you will resonate perfectly with...........hold the feeling as a strong intention in your heart and feel it resonating throughout your whole being (the feeling 'as if').  Let it go then and recognize that the Universe will provide all that you need and require.  Do this every day for several minutes and then just let it go.  Trust and allow!  Many blessings. M

Are you in Chicagoland?  If not, do you know any D.C. who thinks like this?  I am a medical intuitive healer who is looking for friends and work.  longshot, but....

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