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Chart of Body Regions related to Emotions

Where can I find the best resource of body regions/organs (beyond the Emotion Code organ meridian chart), as they relate to specific emotions or feelings i.e. right knee related to adrenal, of right psoas related to right kidney etc. I have heard Dr. Nelson refer to this before, but never have I found a comprehensive system that is somewhat uniform, even if there are differing systems of determining these relationships i.e. Chakra versus Applied Kinesiology etc. versus Chapman/Bennett reflexes etc.

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 I have been looking for this resource as well for some time. Good question.

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Inna Segal's book The Secret Language of Your Body is incredibly intuitive and spot on for emotional states and attitudes of the self that are related to the the body and its 'dis-eases'. Out of several lists/books where you look up issues by ailment, hers is my first go-to.



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(PS The book Feelings Buried Alive Never Die has a brief list, as does Louise Hay, of ailments and a general emotion-state that they feel are indicated. Neither are as thorough or as accurate as Inna Segal's book.


A fellow Emotion Code user)

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Much thanks.  Bonnie

Thank you all. I already had Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, and her list was by symptoms, so I just ordered the The Secret Language of Your Body, and am looking forward to it. Thanks so much!

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Have you seen the research by Henry Winsor? Back in the 1920's he tracked the nerves of diseased organs in cadavars back to the spine.  This led to the identification of organs affected by misalignments at each vertebra and answered his own question about how chiropractic adjustment could affect organs.


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I have used the books by Louise Hay, and Karol Truman...and find them very helpful and informative. Glad to know about the book by Inna Segal.  Thanks  Judy Jackson

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Buen dia a todos!, en el aspecto del sintoma _emocion-organo, los meridianos chinos de acupuntura, son muy explicitos, sin embargo mas moderno, resulta el enfoque de Enric Corbera(BIOdecodificacion biologica) o BIOneuroemocion, donde ha hecho un rejunte de Louise Hay y otros , mas sus propias experiencias en Transgeneracional o Herencia familiar.Si necesitas mas datos en privado , puedo pasarles algunas de sus tablas de referencia-en español!aqui adjunto.Gracias por sus aportes!


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Lujan, Muchas gracias por compartir.  

Hola Lujan, He visto el diccionario que adjuntas y me parece muy bueno, me gustaria tener  las tablas de referencia que mencionas,

Muchisimas gracias.


Hola Maria del Carmen , adjunté en mi comentario , el diccionario, que engloba los puntos de vista de varios autores.Sin embargo creo que " El Codigo de la emocion! del Dr Bradley Nelson y su nuevo enfoque holistico es realmente -practico- a la hora de encontrar los causantes de dolor o sintomas, sin caer en mas descripciones escritas que no dan resultados tangibles y comprobables!.saludos.

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Totalmente de acuerdo. Gracias Luján

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Henry Wright has a book The Better Way that is useful. I have written a book that has many charts (dental, nails, feet,emotions to body parts and vice versa) called Discovering Wholeness. Also has a whole section on flower essences. I developed it while running our clinic. You can find on Amazon. Hope both are helpful

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